How the Body Knows Its Mind by Sian Beilock
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Praise for How the Body Knows Its Mind

“Sian Beilock’s book will give you a new appreciation of your body and its role in your thought, language, psychological make-up, and behavior. And it’s a joy to read!”
--George Lakoff, Professor of Psychology, University of California at Berkeley, and author of Don’t Think of An Elephant!

“How often do you read a book that is profound and also fun -- or that is full of surprises, but that also gives you that pleasant jolt of immediate recognition? Do a big favor for your body and your mind. Read Beilock's terrific book as soon as you can!"
--Cass R. Sunstein, Robert Walmsley University Professor, Harvard University, and coauthor of Nudge

“How the Body Knows Its Mind is the best kind of psychology book: Grounded in rigorous research and intensely practical. Dr. Beilock presents a fascinating romp through the latest science on embodied cognition, a new field challenging the classic notion that the body and mind are separate. In fact, as she shows in this compelling book, the two are inextricably intertwined. Best of all is the scientifically grounded advice on everything from helping kids learn better to becoming a happier person. This is a book that will both expand your mind and make your life better.”
--Jean Twenge, Professor of Psychology, San Diego State University, and author of Generation Me

“How the Body Knows the Mind is a tour de force that teaches us the revolutionary new science of how our own physical interaction with the world around us strongly influences our ability to learn and perform. I highly recommend it.”
--Michael Lardon, M.D., Author of Mastering Golf's Mental Game and Finding Your Zone.

“How the Body Knows its Mind has helpful insights for everyone. It is a must-have in your home.”
--Larry King, host of Larry King Live on CNN

“How the Body Knows its Mind is a journey in the direction less traveled: from body to brain, rather than the reverse, illuminating the surprising ways that our physical actions can change our minds. From “laughter yoga,” to Botox as a treatment for depression, to the importance of finger dexterity for learning math, Beilock charts a wondrous tour through the mind-body connection.”
--David Epstein, author of The Sports Gene

"Until now, the fascinating new science of 'embodied cognition' has been known only to a handful of researchers. Sian Beilock shares the insights of this exciting field with the rest of us. Through vivid stories and clear explanations, Beilock reveals how our bodies shape our thoughts and actions in surprising and compelling ways. It's rare to find a first-class scientist who is also a first-class writer; Beilock, lucky for us, is both."
--Annie Murphy Paul, author of Origins and Brilliant: The New Science of Smart

“Creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson once lamented that academics look upon their bodies as "a way of getting their heads to meetings." But as Sian Beilock illustrates in her brilliant new book, the rest of us are making the same mistake - not realizing the profound impact that our physical experiences have on how effectively we think, how we present ourselves, and how motivated we feel. In our quests to be more successful and influential, as well as happier and healthier, nothing has been so overlooked as the way we can use our own bodies and our environments to reach those goals. This book is life-changing. Read it now.”
-- Heidi Grant Halvorson, Ph.D. Associate Director of Columbia Business School's Motivation Science Center, author of Nine Things Successful People Do Differently.

"A very interesting and useful book. I recommend it to you!"
--Carol Dweck, Stanford University Professor and author of Mindset

"Insightful, informative, and beautifully written, HOW THE BODY KNOWS ITS MIND is a smart surprise that you won't want to miss!"
--Dan Gilbert, Harvard University Professor and author of Stumbling On Happiness